Las Vegas, NV – September 10, 2014 – CTIA CONFERENCE – M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC-a leading nationwide wireless machine-to machine (M2M) network operator-today announced a new joint venture with Conterra Broadband Services, LLC headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina.  This newly formed alliance enables M2M Spectrum Networks to colocate its proprietary equipment on specified communications tower and rooftop assets owned and operated by Conterra across the United States. The company currently utilizes these infrastructure assets to provide highly secure and cost effective broadband connectivity services to K-12 school districts, libraries, hospitals and healthcare clinics, public safety agencies, municipal government/public safety agencies and select businesses.

The marketing alliance between the companies will allow M2M’s “new era” location and data connectivity services to be offered to these same customer segments in Conterra’s current service areas.

M2M Spectrum Networks is constructing what is intended to be the nation’s first purpose-built network designed specifically for machine-to-machine communications, covering 75% of the US population by the end of 2015, and 95% by the end of 2016.

“Conterra’s tower and rooftop portfolio covering over 1,000 schools, healthcare and government locations across the United States, and their extensive customer relationships, gives us a great jump-start in delivering our unique M2M services to the education, health care, public safety and government marketplaces in their communities.

We look forward to expanding our relationship with Conterra, whose cost effective bandwidth solutions in challenging geographic areas dovetails well with M2M Spectrum Networks’ vision,” stated Barclay Knapp, CEO of M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC.

Conterra’s CEO, Stephen Leeolou, commented, “We have built our business over the last decade bringing fiber quality bandwidth transport services to underserved market areas across 23 states and are eager to leverage our infrastructure and improve service offerings in our communities with innovative companies like M2M Spectrum Networks.”

About M2M Spectrum Networks, LLC
M2M SN, through its hardware and software vendors, is developing a wide-area, ubiquitous coverage, data radio system based on licensed spectrum and proprietary technology, purpose-built and dedicated solely to M2M applications for the long-term.  M2M Spectrum Networks has office locations in Phoenix, Arizona, New Hope, Pennsylvania, and Jacksonville, Florida.  For more information, please visit www.m2mspectrum.com.

About Conterra Broadband Services
Headquartered in Charlotte, NC, Conterra Broadband Services is a national provider of fiber-quality telecommunications solutions for schools, healthcare, telecom carriers, municipalities and select enterprises that require bandwidth intensive, carrier-grade services primarily in underserved markets. Conterra and its subsidiaries currently provide these services to over 2,900 locations throughout the United States. For more information about Conterra, visit www.conterra.com or call: 800-634-1374.